Monday, November 24, 2008


It's been such a great few days! The whole family is finally all together and it's been nice to just spend lots of time enjoying each other's company. Some highlights from the last few days:
• Family Pictures! Katharine was able to take our family pictures on Saturday morning--it was soo cold, but we survived and Katharine did an amazing job! Sarah's cheeks were bright pink by the time we were done!

• Sweet Baby Claire's baby blessing! It's hard to believe that Claire is already 3 weeks old--it seems like she's been with us for a lot longer than that! She is such a sweet baby...she sure is loved!
• Our 'early Thanksgiving' dinner on Sunday afternoon! It was soo good. The best part of Thanksgiving dinner? The leftovers!
• Dad learning about the Lindsay-Burn syndrome...
• Katie's in-laws (Rick, Shellie and Daniel) were in town for a few days! It was fun catching up with them!
• Celebrating Chris' 26th birthday with trick candles on his cake!
• Possibly the best part of the weekend? Going to the temple! I was able to go to the Provo Temple on Friday--such a sweet and enlightening experience. As my mom and I were on our way to the temple, she commented that 28 years previous (to the day!) she and my dad's mom went to the temple for the first time--at the Provo temple! (I think that added to the special-ness of the day!) It was so neat to be there with my family and a few close friends.


Amanda said...

Congratulations on going to the temple! Hope it was an amazing experience for you! The family pics turned out great- would love to see more!

Ashley Clark said...

What a fun week! Claire is adorable, and I love that picture of the sisters. Congrats on going to the temple.

The Grahams said...

Cute family pictures!! And congrats on going to the temple...... isn't it just the best place on earth?? Our once a month temple date is by far our favorite date night and day of the month. It sure makes your week better!

Cephaloblog said...

Congrats on going through the temple for the first time! And I love your family pictures, they are really cute!

" I Love My Life!" said...

Wow Lindsay you went through the Temple! How Wonderful!!!
and what a special story you shared too about your Mom.
The picture of you and your mom and dad is one that will be treasured all the days of your life.
Im so proud of you!
Claire is so lucky to have you as her Aunt! I know i can count on you to post tons of pictures of her for us to enjoy!
She is so pretty isnt she??
Give hugs to all for me!
Sister Rivera

Rach and Chad said...

Congrats on the temple adventure!! Its a lot simpler than I thought it was going to be, which was nice:) So great your parents got to be there too!

C World said...

the provo temple will be a special one for you! i LOVE LOVE LOVE the 3 sisters photo with the assortment of jackets. did you plan that?