Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Yup. Framed and on my desk. I can't stop looking at this little cutie-patootie!

On Saturday, I tricked my sister into packing the kids up and heading up the canyon to take some pics. I'm glad she humored was nice to get out and enjoy the beautiful fall colors. Claire (in typical fashion) couldn't sit still for more than two seconds, so we only got a handful of pictures, but they turned out pretty cute!

Claire + rocks + water = LOVE. She love, love, loves her rocks, and throwing rocks in water is even better! Claire would pick up a little rock and throw it in the river followed with "where dit goooo?"

She also discovered how much fun it is to gather leaves and throw them up and laugh uncontrollably as they fall!

Bubba (as Claire now refers to him) in all his cuteness sat and watched us run around chasing Claire for an hour! He's such a good little guy...we sometimes forget he's even around because he never makes a sound!

Another trip up the canyon is planned for this weekend...the leaves are almost done turning, but it's still so beautiful. I love fall!!


Jill said...

i cannot even tell you how much i want to get my hands on that bubb-a-chub. ugh.

Joseph and Katie said...

claire. is. nuts. i don't think she could stay still for even two seconds. that would have given us a few more pictures!

my word verification below is "braist". sounds like: waist. i will now give you the definition: a braid with a twist. in a sentence: that girl is wearing her hair in a braist.

k i'm done.

may i tempt you with some warm, fresh from the oven pumpkin muffins??? come on over!

Prahlad said...
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