Tuesday, October 5, 2010


What color are you? Take this little quiz to find out!
Green. Love, love, love green! All of us girls in my family have a dish collection and my collection is the Anchor Hocking Forest Green Charm collection. We pulled the dishes out when I was home last week and used them for Sunday dinner, and I think I fell even more in love with them! (I'm picturing my mom laughing as she reads this!) Most of the dishes are square and are super simple, just the way I like 'em.

Speaking of home, I'm kind of glad I'm not home right now. My poor family is dealing with a mouse problem right now. I had my first experience with trapping a mouse while I was home (and let Dad have the honors of moving the mouse outside!), and it's not something I want to experience again! The last two messages I've gotten from my sister have had to do with the mouse problem. I just like hearing about the problem from a safe distance! If you have any advice on dealing with this kind of problem, I'm sure they're open to any suggestions! :)

quiz via How About Orange (this blog comes highly recommended!)


Joseph and Katie said...

GAH!!! flipping mice are everywhere!!!

LinnieBell said...

Flipping mice? You didn't tell me they could do tricks!

Shellie said...

I loved eating on your green dishes! I love the colored glass that you and Katie have....I would never have thought of glass...but they are beautiful and different!

Artsdeco said...
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Fogra said...
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Luke and Marissa said...

Thanks for your comment, linds. People rarely comment on church posts. i'm willing to accept they are more boring than the average post but hey, Mormon messages are the bomb.com!
Tell your parents to get an outdoor cat. I hate cats. But, and a strong but that is, we had a mice problem growing up. my parents adopted the neighbors outdoor cat and we didn't have mice problems after that.