Friday, February 18, 2011

Ready for Summer

Miss Claire somehow tricked me in to *wanting* to be outside last night to play with chalk...that little kid is so good at getting her way! She's fun to talk with on the phone and is starting to form sentences that actually kind of make sense, so when she asked if I'd come over to play, I couldn't turn down the offer.She also managed to get into my sister's nail polish and covered her legs in pink because she wanted "pink wegs" (pink legs) to go along with her pretty princess pink toe nails. Oh, and Katie now has a pink mirror and a pink bathroom sink. Gotta love the pink! Back to the chalk...I loved that my phone camera snapped the pic of Claire kissing Katie when it did--I love it! And I totally love Bubba's little smirk on his face when I gave him kisses...sure do love that kid! Dreaming of warmer weather and long summer nights.

Headed to Arizona tonight with some friends to visit Gina for the long weekend. Ready for a break :)


Southern Belle said...

I love your posts about Claire, because she is usually doing the same types of things as Cheyenne. She is lucky to have a fun auntie like you!!

Anonymous said...