Thursday, September 29, 2011

Give Away!

Yes, it's just a little early to have Valentine's Day on the mind, but Pebbles' latest collection With Love was just released today! I might be just a little biased in my opinion, but I think it's a pretty sweet love line! The paper is always my favorite part of a collection, and this paper definitely doesn't disappoint. Four of the papers are printed on kraft and add some fun variety to the line. I'm totally into making garlands for holidays these days (remember how I don't really scrapbook? oops...) and have a couple other cute ideas in mind for this collection.

The giveaway is over on the Pebbles me, the pictures don't really do the paper justice! Just leave a comment to enter to win the whole collection!


Nicole said...

I love the line! Way to go. I love the 3d hearts! I will be honest I am all about the cute garlands too.

Danielle said...

You have some serious skillz. P.S. Claire has gotten so big since we ended up at her house when we didn't run the right race. Good times!