Friday, September 23, 2011

Just FYI...

If you get towed in Provo, it'll cost you $175 to get your car back. It should have been more, but the guy was "kind enough" to not charge me a "storage" fee. I picked up the kiddos to have a sleep over last Saturday night. We've learned (Katie and I) that it's easier to just switch cars instead of switching car seats. I parked my car in visitor parking at Katie's house, and apparently you'll get towed from that one parking spot if you're there between 2 and 6 am. Didn't know that. Expensive lesson to learn.

Oh, and in case you didn't hear, BYU lost last week to the U. Pretty bad. I'm listening to the BYU/UCF game on the radio right now, but I can also hear the crowd from the stadium--hoping they pull through this time around. UCF just scored again, making it 17-10. Yikes. It's kind of funny listening to the 13-ish second delay on the radio.

Monday was a sick day. I was at work for exactly 58 minutes, and had to come back home. Highlight of the day was when Katie showed up with a cherry limeade from Sonic, which makes everything better! 

Then I ordered my mom's birthday presents earlier this week, and had them scheduled to be delivered today, just in time for her birthday on Sunday. Forgot to change the shipping address, so my planning ended up not paying off. Sorry mom--be expecting a package next week! Promise it'll be worth the wait! :)

Enough of the not-so-good stuff. There were some pretty awesome things this week. Painting my nails a pretty shade of red always makes things better. Dole Whip from Farr's is pretty fantastic. Attending the lecture by the *crazy talented* Jessica Hische was pretty awesome. (She's a big deal. Love her.) Most definitely a highlight of the week. Finishing a collection at work that I love and starting another collection that I'm totally loving is always a good thing.

Life is hard, but it can be so good. I've felt so loved by so many friends and family recently. Notes, texts, phone calls, emails all seem to come at just the right moment. Our relationships with others are so important.

Ok, 93 yard-kick off return for a touchdown! Things are looking up!

Sure glad it's the weekend :) Oh, and it's the first day of fall. We've had the most gorgeous weather this week. I'm hoping to take a drive up the canyon this weekend. The trees are turning and it's just beautiful. I love, love, love fall!


Marissa said...

Hey there. Who woulda thunk, 2-6 am. Jerks. Perhaps they should include that on the "visitor sign" Visitor Parking: Towable from 2am- 6am. Jerks.

Joseph and Katie said...

it is on the sign.... linds just didn't see it! sucky.

LinnieBell said...

and to think, i even parked my car in backwards, so all the tow guy had to do was hook it right up to the front end and take off with it. LAME. Lesson learned.

Mariss--that post a couple back that had all the deleted comments were spam comments. for some reason, they just kept posting on that post, so i deleted them all.

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