Friday, March 28, 2008

I love missionaries!

Funny story: Amy and I were coming home from running some errands, and the missionaries were walking through our parking lot, so we rolled down the window to say a friendly "hello." At the end of our little conversation, one of the elders hands me a piece of paper and says, " would it be ok if I give you our number?" I kind of looked at them a little confused, and then one of the elders awkwardly said, "Umm...if you think of anyone that we can share the gospel with, you can give us a call at this number." Amy and I just laughed.

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Crystal said...

Hey I need to invite you onto my blog. email me at my full name at and I will. I lost that paper with you guys email addresses. Send me Katies too. Thanks! Love your humor! Missionaries are the best-- I bet they were hoping for your number too!