Thursday, March 13, 2008

Welcome to my desk!

I was tagged by my friend, Lizzy House, and decided that I'd take a picture of my over-flowing desk and use some of the things found my desk to make a list of some things about me/things going on in my life right now! With that little intro...

1. On the wall on my left, I have notes pinned up from one of the last devotionals that I attended at BYU Idaho. My Stake President, President Foster, spoke at that devotional about keeping an eternal perspective and I've found myself referring back to these notes and the devotional transcript several times in the last few months. I specifically remember preparing myself spiritually for this devotional, realizing that it would be one of the last ones I would attend. In President Foster's talk, he shared 2 sure ways to stay close to the Lord. 1: Study the scriptures. Holding to the rod is a matter of life and spiritual death. 2: Be of service to others. It's what you do for others that defines who you are. Click here for a copy of the transcript! (Excellent Sunday afternoon reading!) (Like my note-taking style? It's kind of all over the place, but that's how I like it!)

2. On my computer screen, I'm visiting Heather Bailey's blog. LOVE her style! I find myself visiting her blog several times a week to get inspiration for projects I'm working on.

3. The pair of scissors hanging above my computer are officially my new *favorite* pair of scissors! I don't know why I get protective of my scissors, but I do! I got these scissors at CHA and had my name engraved in them, so now there's no questioning who's scissors these are!

4. The book on the right side is sitting on a large pile of papers...aka my 2007 tax stuff! I've been busy getting it all together and organized, out of the way and done for this year!

5. iTunes is currently playing "Someone Loved" by The Weepies. I'm currently enjoying this song...a lot.

6. The picture in the frame on the right side is a Mary Englebreit picture my mom framed for me...along the bottom it reads, "If you don't start, you won't arrive!" I keep this on my desk to constantly remind me that it's up to me to determine my future!

7. The lamp behind the picture is from of my favorite stores! I find that I like lamp light better than ceiling lights. This is a good little lamp for a good little price! $6.99!

My goal this weekend is to really get my room all organized, so hopefully by Saturday night, my desk will be all cleaned up! (We'll see if this really happens...)

One other thing I just wanted to mention that I'm really excited about--I talked to my mom on the phone today and she's coming out in May to visit!! I don't think I could be more excited! Mom's coming out for Women's Conference at BYU and staying a few extra days to play! It's hard sometimes not living by my parents, so it'll be fun to have her here for a little vacation!


The Grahams said...

Lindsay!! It was so good to hear from you and to see your blog! I have been thinking about you for awhile now and how I wish I knew what you were up to! I am so glad you found my blog! I love all the cute paper and stuff you've created! You were always so good at that kind of stuff. I am jealous you got to go to the Rexburg temple open house.... it looks gorgeous. They had just broken ground for it when I left so I was sad I didn't get to see any of it built. Hope you're doing good!

Anonymous said...
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Porter Family said...

I'm jealous! Can I ditch the kiddos and come visit, too? :) Love Ikea, love the Mary Englebright stuff, love the desk, love everything! Happy St. Patricks day!

Amy said...

Yes you did "read" right :) I got into BYU graduate school. I will be starting in the fall and should be in Utah probably in August. Exciting and scary all at the same time! How are you?

Anonymous said...
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Chandice said...

love the Mary Englebreit saying and of course ANYTHING from Ikea like your lamp! Who's in the picture of that guy? :) miss you!

LinnieBell said...

oh channy! that guy...umm...that's my dad! :) i know...he's pretty handsome! ha ha!