Tuesday, May 12, 2009

BYU Intramurals

We decided to go watch our ward intramural kickball game tonight and I'm so glad we went! It was so funny watching people play kickball with such passion...I kind of felt like I was back in elementary school! The rules were kind of...weird to say the least. It took the whole game to figure out how to play kickball BYU style. Some rules from BYU Intramural Kickball:

• Outs don't really count; outs just kick you off the base. 3 outs ≠ end of an inning. Once you've scored 8 points, the inning is over.
• If you had runners on any of the bases at the end of an inning, they returned to that base when your team was up to kick again.
• If you kick a home run, you don't really get a home run. You only get to go to second base.
• Girls get two pitches, boys get one.
• It takes 5 refs to officiate.

I think we'll be going to more games in the future, followed by Frozen Yogurt. So, so good! Cheap entertainment, right?


Jeff and Stacey said...

Yes, that is the reason BYU intramurals were not as cool as they could have been... all the weird rules and refs who thought they were beyond sweet... why can't we just play the normal sport as it is???

Audrey said...

I'm just responding to your comment on my blog--- I'm glad you like Paper Source. It is currently my happy place. :) And it's okay if you stalk my blog. I'm pretty sure I've read yours before too. Have a good day!