Monday, May 18, 2009

Good Times...

(image from Ballet West blog)
This weekend was full of ups and downs and everything between. Saturday night was definitely a high! We were at the ballet in Salt Lake...a fairly 'modern' ballet performance. One part of the program featured the men in the company. From the program:

"Those who have never seen a male dancer often have low expectations. Many expect the male dancer to be weak, feminine or just plain bad. They are the opposite. The men of Ballet West are strong, masculine, talented dancers that I wanted to show off to the public. They are strong but not stiff. They are fluid but never weak. The expectations for a male dancer can be dull and gray. With this piece I hope to create something that rises above that grey expectations."

I'm not sure how masculine the dancers were, but a funny thing did happen while they were dancing. In the middle of the dance, one of the dancers' pants ripped right up the backside...and there was no hiding it!! I'm not sure what the dancers had on under their pants, but it couldn't have been much. Poor guy. We laughed the whole way home! :)


Porter Family said...

I made the mistake of taking Bud to see the Nutcracker when we were newlyweds and I haven't heard the end of it since. His main concern was the fact that the gentlemen wear tights and we had really up close seats. :)

Britt said...

are you sure that wasn't a NUDE ballet?!?!?!