Thursday, August 13, 2009


N.M.B. = No More Blocks.First, you need to understand that our office is in the basement of Pebbles in my Pocket. (I recommend stopping by the store if you've never's great! Anyway...) Directly above our office is (unfortunately) the play area for children. Sometimes the parents are responsible and keep their children under control, but more often than not, the kids are let loose to roam the store at their pleasure. (Sometimes kids make their way down to the offices. Then they kindly get escorted back upstairs and handed back over to the parental unit.)

Until today, these blocks were part of the play area. After an hour of kids stacking the blocks and then making their towers crash this afternoon, it was unanimously decided that the blocks were no longer suitable toys for the play area. Everyone at Pebbles is hoping that this will help with the noise factor. We'll see. I'm sure these monster kids will find something else that makes loud noise!

and ps...I think I feel a cold coming on. It's was 95ยบ today, and I wore jeans and a long sleeve hoodie. Something is really wrong with this. Or maybe I'm just getting ready for fall? It's hard to believe school is starting in these parts of the country next week. Crazy.


Josh said...

I don't think I got your email to add you to our family blog. Send it to I want you to be able to see pictures of our two sweethearts:)


Joseph and Katie said...

or you just got a new hoodie you want to casually show off.

LinnieBell said... figured me out! yes, it was time to get a new hoodie, but that's only because my last one is completely, totally worn out and it was time to get a new one! it's pretty plain...i didn't think of it as something to show off, but maybe some people are jealous of my regular ol' navy blue hoodie. are you wishing you got one now?? :)