Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Family Time

Just a few (or maybe more than a few) pictures from this weekend! It was so great to be home together as a family and to spend time together. It's hard to believe that it'll be two years til I see my buddy again -- I know that he's ready to go, but I'm just not sure that I'm ready for him to go!

Marshall, Claire and I flew out Wednesday morning. For all intents and purposes, Claire was my child for the flight out to St. Louis. Katie flew home later Wednesday afternoon, but was very trusting of us to take her baby girl on our flight.
First things first: set up the swimming pool. Second: apply sunscreen. Apply again. Third: Swim. Claire loved the pool and couldn't get enough of it!
Katie and I shared this bed growing up for a few years and shared the bed this weekend! It was my mom's bed when she was growing up. It's old and it squeaks (a lot) so I used to have socks tied on the hinges to control the squeak factor. I love this bed! We have many funny memories from sharing this bed and it was fun staying up and chatting the night away!
We had a wedding reception at the homestead on Friday evening, and Claire had to get in on the cleaning action. She could not get enough of the broom! Claire loved looking at and inspecting all of the grunge that was swept up...eww.
We kicked off Saturday morning by going for a fun bike ride! We borrowed a bike trailer for Claire and she loved it -- so much so, that she passed out about half way through! Along the way, we were able to see some of Dad's work project in progress...a huge pipeline that originates in Alberta, Canada and makes it's way down to the refinery and eventually reach the Gulf Coast.
Bowerman kiddos: Marshall, Sarah, Chris, Katie, me.
Last pictures with my Buddy. (Can you tell we love each other?)
Group hugs!
Marshall and his girls! (Note Mom's hair...so cute!)
Last family pics for two years!
At the last few family get-togethers, Marshall and I have been the single ones...and so instead of bringing a 'significant other,' I decided that Marshall was going to be my 'significant brother...' He tolerates me! :) We've been able to spend a lot of time together this summer and I'm going to miss having him around! I'm so proud of Marsh for deciding to serve a mission. Marshall has such a good heart and has wanted to serve a mission since he was young. I can't wait until he's in Brazil and hear about all of his experiences!

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C World said...

wow, i love the fact that you were claire's mom for the flight! you look way babe in that white blouse. it i were you i'd wear it everday...well, until the season changes in utah! miss you!