Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy Week, Busy Weekend

First, some claireification...I've had several people ask in the last few weeks if this little bug is my baby. I wish I could claim her as mine, but she's definitely not! She belongs to these fine folks, making Claire my niece. Just wanted to set the record straight on that one! :)
Last week ended up being a busy week, but being busy is good. Friday (the 13th!) Brittany and I met up with Brian, who was in town for the weekend, at the Gateway in Salt Lake! It turned out to be quite an eventful night. We were evacuated from the IMAX theater because the fire alarm went off and waited across the street in the cold while they figured out why the alarm had gone off. (Image 1 and 2, below) While we were outside waiting to go back in, the police came out with a guy in handcuffs...turns out he was being arrested for counterfeiting money! We ended up getting a refund on our tickets because it just wasn't worth waiting for waiting around for another show to start. Brian and I saw another man get arrested as we made our way back to Provo..kind of a random night!

Met up with Brian for breakfast at Magleby's Fresh on Saturday morning...unlimited French Toast or Pancakes for $5! Fantastic deal and so good. It was such a beautiful day, so we drove the Alpine Loop, ran some errands, test drove Brian's dream car (way fun, Image 3, below) and fixed my bike...I'm excited to start riding it now that the weather is *finally* starting to cooperate! It was so good to see Brian for the weekend--BYU Idaho friends are the best!And finally--time for the crafty goods winners! The first five commenters: Stacey, Britt, Rachel, Audrey and Danielle! I'm not going to put a timeline on when the goods will be done (because life can be unpredictable!), but they will be done soon...I promise! And for the wild card, Shellie's name was drawn! Yay!! Congrats to everyone! Don't worry, there will be another drawing soon, so be excited!

I feel like I've had a lot of things on my mind the last couple weeks. Like a lot. I'm thinking that I need to change up my daily routine and maybe that'll get me out of the rut that I feel that I'm in right now. (Don't worry Britt...I'm still wearing my seat belt. It's the first thing I do when I get in the car!)

Maybe I'm just ready for spring...yeah, maybe that's it.


Luke and Marissa said...

Linds! Holy cowness! I have had quite a few people ask about the onesie. I think you should sell those things. I am going to feature a post in your honor...after my For Sale By Owner post wears out it's welcome. Should I put a link to your blog?
As for the onesie. Kind of difficult to put on. I think where the fabric meets the garment is the problem. I couldn't get her shoulders past that area. It almost needs to be sewn together with elastic or something so it stretches. I put the onesie on Story by putting her feet first in the head area and then proceeding to slip the onesie up over the rest of her body.

Spencer and Erin said...

Um pretty sure your weekend was loco!! And can you please call me soon so we can talk or what?! I m employed!!

Britt said...

you better be buckling up!!! You never know what kind of crazies there are out there. Remember- Click-it or Ticket!! Not the time to feel rebellious Loo!