Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, EZ

Erin is 25!!! I'm so jealous she has a two month head start on me...I can't wait to be 25! I think it's a good solid age--a whole quarter century old!

This is a day late, I know, but still had to post one of my favorite pics of Erin and me in honor of her birthday:
We were both "working" for Events Staff on campus and loved every minute of it! This is us being hard core and intimidating. (I know what you're wouldn't want to come across us in a dark alley.) When we were feeling especially hard core, we'd pop our collar. Scary, I know.

As I was trying to find this picture the other day, I found so many pictures of Erin and me from school...many of those pictures will never find their way off my hard drive! I think we might have played more than we should've!

Hope you had a fantastic birthday, Erin!!!


Josh and Gnickie said...

Hooray!!! Happy Birthday to the Easy E! If she was lucky she spent it with Booker T. Oh wait, I think he was annihilated and put in the freezer. I wonder if she ever found him...

Spencer and Erin said...

Haha... I love that pic!! we look SO tough!! yeah pretty sure whenever my screensaver comes up..every other pic is of us...and I love every picture!! Only one more month and you are hitting 25!!!!!!!!! wahoo!!!