Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Change o'Plans

Crazy-fun weekend! We ended up at Arches National Park/Moab instead of Goblin Valley which was totally fun because I'd never been to Arches! Cast of characters for the weekend:
Before heading out of town, Brittany was determined to get a copy of Twilight so we could watch it on Saturday night. We stopped at a few every redbox in Provo with no luck and finally found a copy of it at Blockbuster--their last copy! 

After driving through all of Moab trying to find a campsite (spring break = tons of people = not too many open campsites) and a 4 wheeling excursion in the Sonata, we found a site we all liked and set up camp. First things first: tents. Second: fire. Brittany loved gathering all the wood!
Saturday we headed over to Arches for the day. The weather could not have been more perfect--not too hot, not too cold. First hike was up to Delicate Arch where we got our picture taken with the park ranger...we think he had a little thing for Carly...

Carly and Rachel made their own Delicate's really only about 3" tall. Isn't it cute? We ended up going on a couple other small "hikes" around the park. Last hike was to Broken Arch where Carly inspired all of us to do a little yoga.
Saturday night, we found ourselves in front of a huge sheet-screen that Rachel rigged (held together by duct tape) watching Twilight. I don't think Brittany could've been any happier! Twilight is kind of an odd movie, but it was fun to watch a movie on a big screen while camping! I'm sure all of our neighbors loved it...

After photo:We survived! No makeup (except Carly!), puffy faces, tired eyes, stinky girls. Sunday morning we woke up to a wind storm at about 4 a.m...our tent was going crazy and there was no way any of us could sleep through it. We all just laughed about the craziness of the situation. We got up when the sun started to come up, packed as quickly as possible and were headed back to Provo by 7:45. 

Memories from the trip:
• "Everyone blow your nose--I don't want to hear any snoring!" -Carly
• "That looks really bad." (About the Rachel's marshmallows) -Me
• Brittany: "There are some foreign people over there." Carly: "What?! Some deformed people??"
• "Linds! Come quick! There was a cougar here last night! Look at the tracks!" -Carly (They were just dog tracks)
• Man at the info desk telling Carly and Rachel that the camping ground he was recommending was very primitive, meaning no hot water and no showers.
• Guy on his mountain bike flipping off his bike right in front of us (*slightly* embarassing) and an older man riding by telling him that it happens to the best of us
• Rachel and Brittany vs Carly and Lindsay...Survivor Man debate
• Conducting surveys
• While we were at Delicate Arch, a mom was taking a photo of her husband and two little kids. I asked her if she'd like me to take a picture of the whole family together and she was super happy that I had offered. She handed me her camera, and the little boy was so confused and said, "Hey! That's not your camera! That's my mom's...give it back!"
• Wondering if the petroglyphs were real or not
• "We checked out the campground and we decided that we'd like to camp!" -Carly
• Rachel laying on the ground in the dirt while watching Twilight until a spider crawled on her
• Brittany deciding to run the last part of the Broken Arch trail
• "Sausage fingers"
• Hair getting stuck in the zipper in the tent
• Saggy,  "camping jeans" 

Next trip: Goblin Valley.


Britt said...

First of all, twilight was great!! I am not ashamed to admit it. Secondly, you all know that you loved running the trail back to the car- gotta get the exercise somehow. And finally- linds, I know that you were planning on grabbing that camera and running. I could see it in your eyes- that little boy just had a premonition that you would do it!!! :)

Jeff and Stacey said...

oh that sounds like so much fun!! That Movie screen thing was awesome!! I have never seen that movie, I may have to sometime soon:) I am glad you had fun, it makes me want to go camping!

Rach and Chad said...

man this made me so jealous! to go camping AND not get rained out??! new concept to me. looks like a ton of fun and so beautiful too.

Beth said...

Fun! I love Arches...seeing those pictures brings back memories! Love you Linds!