Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dear Elder Marshall Bowerman...

My little brother's mission call came this afternoon...finally!

Dad, Mom, Sarah and Elder and Sister Hawks (a senior missionary couple serving in my parent's ward) were able to Skype in and watch Marshall open his call. He will be serving in the Brazil Porto Alegre North Mission and reports to the Brazil MTC on August 26th! I couldn't tell if Mom was happy about the whole Brazil MTC thing...I think she was kind of planning on the Provo MTC. Oh well! :)
(Above: Marshall patiently waiting to open his call. Marshall reading his call. Showing Mom and Dad on Skype his mission call!)

Before Marshall opened his call, the boys were trying to decide if Marshall was going to cry or not...but no tears from Marsh! Everyone was so excited! The only tears came from Claire (who you can kind of see in the video in the background)...all the screaming when Marshall said, "Brazil" scared Claire!
We're all so excited for Marshall and know that he is going to be an amazing missionary! Congrats, Elder Bowerman!!
Wikipedia always has good's info on Porto Alegre, Brazil.


Beth said...

Hooray, Marshall. He will be GREAT! I'm sooooo excited for him! Linds, call when you get the chance!

C World said...

whoot, whoot! go marshall!!!