Monday, April 6, 2009

Keepin it Kosher

(yes, cell phone quality. my apologies.)

I found myself thinking about Passover and kosher food this afternoon...weird, I know. (Side note: we had lunch with one of our manufacturers at work today who is Jewish...who had a pork salad...I think this is what got me thinking about kosher food.) I was at the grocery store tonight and headed over to the OJ section to get my Simply Orange OJ (it's the best). I noticed that the sticker on the lid read something different than normal: "Kosher for Passover." I just smiled to myself and I think I even laughed a little bit (out loud), grabbed my kosher OJ and went on my way.


Luke and Marissa said...

haha that is funny. i like this post.

Joseph and Katie said...

simply sounds good right now!

Britt said...

Hey- remember when Amanda bought kosher salt? You guys are like 2 peas in a pod!!! :)