Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

("He Lives" by Simon Dewey)

It somehow seemed appropriate that after the stormy weather we've had over the last several days here in Utah, that on this Easter Sunday we would have a beautiful and (semi) sunny day! My thoughts have been turned to the Savior and His life and how He so willingly gave his life on my behalf. As I was getting ready for Church this morning, I was listening to Elder Holland's talk from General Conference last weekend (probably one of my favorite talks from conference), and was so touched by his thoughts on the Atonement. Parts of his talk were paired with words and music and it's worth taking a couple minutes to watch it.

(Grandma Bowerman and Grandma Huber)

This weekend also marks 10 years since both of my grandmas passed away. A lot has happened since their passing, but it hardly seems like it was 10 years ago! My dad's mom--"Grams"--lived with us for her last 6 months. I was a freshman in high school and would come home from school and spend time in grandma's room...chatting, doing her nails and hair, watching tv. We'd typically watch 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' and she learned all the words to the opening credits ("in West Philadelphia, born and raised...")! I'll never forget when she wanted me to take her to the market across the street so she could buy some Spam!

I didn't know my mom's mom as well, but I could always count on a beautiful, handmade card (with pressed flowers on the front!) every year on my birthday. It was easy to tell that a lot of love went into each card that she sent. I think I inherited my love of handmade goods from her. It seemed she was always working on something when we'd visit, from painting to sewing to making cards.

What will happen in the next 10 years? 20 years? I wish I knew the answer! :)

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And I Think to Myself.....What a Wonderful World! said...

Oh Lindsay I loved your Easter post! You have been blessed with such great grandmothers! Gee, I had no idea that someone else loves Spam...i love Spam!
I too wonder what the next 10 years will bring, i sure hope i will be a grandma thats for sure!!!