Monday, March 23, 2009


I was kind of in an odd mood today; not quite sure why. (Perhaps it was the crazy cold and snowy weather?? Have I mentioned I'm ready for spring??) We had a ward activity tonight for Family Home Evening that I was kind of unsure about attending, but am so glad that I did! Several of the girls in my ward teach elementary school and some of them teach children with disabilities. A carnival was organized for the families of these sweet disabled kids to attend and each of the Family Home Evening groups put together a booth for the carnival. Our group put together a cake walk and it was a total hit! The kids loved running around the circle dancing to the music and winning the cupcakes when their number was called.

It was so fun to see the kids' eyes light up when they came into the gym and saw what had been put together for them. It was a sweet reminder that among all the craziness in the world, there is still so much good. These little kids had so much love to give and gave it freely...something I need to be better at.

What a sweet experience.


" I Love My Life!" said...

you are so amazing Lindsay! In every picture you take, there is a glow around you that is just incredible.
You always look like you LOVE your LIFE so much!
seeing your blog always makes my day, or night!
Katie R

Birrell Family said...

What a wonderful activity! I think this would be good for our YM & YW group to do. You captured the spirit & joy of service Lindsay and I am sure you went home with a full heart.

C World said...

yes, what a special experience. where did you find that "create utube video?" i like it! miss you!