Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad (I mean Santa)!

(Circa 1989.)

I was flipping through my scrapbook the other night looking for something and came across this note I left Santa 20 years ago--written on dot matrix printer paper! Ha! My favorite part about this note was Santa's hand writing...aka Dad's handwriting disguised with little curls on each letter! I remember thinking that Santa had the coolest handwriting! (Make sure you click on the image so you can see the cute curls!) Finding this little gem made me smile...how could you not?

It's official--I have the best dad ever! I wish I could give you a big birthday hug, but I'm excited to see you next week in Florida!!

Love you Santa Dad! Hope you have a fantastic birthday!


Rach said...

no. you are wrong. the best part of that picture is you bangs!

Mom and Sarah said...

My, how your handwriting has improved...Santa's - not so much!!

Mom and Sarah said...

Oh, and I think the apples were supposed to be for the reindeer!

Luke and Marissa said...

Yay! Congrats on being the first to comment:) I will have a present for you when I see you. I think we are hitting up Sea World on the 28th. Also let me know if you guys wanna see Manatees. If not, Luke and I could drive to Orland on the 26th and we could meet up. Or, we could meet up on the 28th. Let me know your schedule so we can work something out! We're excited to see you!

LinnieBell said...

Rach :: Don't be bashing on those bangs...you know you had 'em too! :) Let's be honest...everyone had the crazy bangs in the 80s!