Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Week of Weird Dreams

It's been a weird week for dreams. For some reason I've remembered every dream from the last five or so days when I wake up in the morning, which is pretty unusual for me...and they are weird and crazy dreams! Monday morning I woke up from a private Adam Lambert concert...he found out that the light bulbs in my room were burned out, so he came to change them for me and decided to give my apartment a private concert! I asked if I could invite some friends over, but he said "no." (Sorry Katie, Tessa, Kate and Melissa...I tried!) He sang us his new single "Whataya Want From Me" and that was the end of the concert and I woke up! Weird.
Monday nights are the best night because one of my *favorite* shows is on--Antiques Roadshow!! Love it. (I secretly want to go on that show!) The last item that was appraised before I fell asleep was this Confederate Belt Buckle. Tuesday morning I woke up laughing! In my dream, I was the person with the belt buckle having it appraised and I ended up arguing with Rafael (the appraiser and yes, I know his name...moving along...) telling him that he didn't know what he was talking about, and that my belt buckle was worth a whole lot more than $10,000!

I'm not sure what all these weird dreams mean...if anything at all!

Oh...and I could use a little extra luck sent my way tomorrow and Friday. A local radio station is giving away tickets to the Michael Buble concert in March and I just think that I should win the tickets, don't you agree? Wish me luck!


Mom and Sarah said...

You are definitely your father's daughter...he's had some real winner dreams lately!

Michelle said...

I know someone who could interpret those dreams...:-)...and Michael Buble! What radio station!?

Katie H. said...

Did you hear that Adam Lambert is one of Barbara Walters' ten most fascinating people for the year 2009?

Joseph and Katie said...

should you win the tickets.... remember my birthday is in march! wink wink!

Joseph and Katie said...

i just remembered my dream from last night.... i lost my two front teeth. and they weren't gonna grow back. and before that happened we went to a thrift store.

Marissa said...

I laughed out loud. very funny dreams. you would dream about a private adam lambert concert. :)

The Real Sugarbear said...

So you already know I am world-renowned for dream interpretation. Since you are my daughter I will give you a freebie.
Part of the dream about Adam Lambert is of course obvious to us all. You obsess over his hair and nails and want to look just like him. The 'private' part of the concert relates to your subconscious longing to be secretly married to a rock star while carrying on a parallel public role as the host of a KBYU children's show that features rescued stuffed animals from abusive situations. That one was easy.
As for the AR episode, (and I had to dig deep for this one), your fascination with old things drove the argument with Rafael. You value 'old' over relationships and are willing to sacrifice everything in an attempt to own memorabilia that would give you status among historians. My professional advice is to change professions and work in a museum, it will reduce your internal conflicts and improve your skin tone.
I'm just exhausted.