Saturday, March 5, 2011

Crazy Talk.

So...I've never posted or shared anything like this on the blog, but I just sat and watched this in disbelief. I'm not all that huge into bike racing, but a friend on facebook posted this video and I had to share:
Crazy talk, right?? The best part was when the dog casually strolled onto the path. I think I would have died before finishing that course! (I should clarify that this video is from Chile.)

And totally unrelated to the above video, I had Claire and Bubba-licious over last night for a few hours...always a highlight of my week to spend time with those kids! Claire wanted to watch Up, so we popped it in and Bubba made it clear he wanted to watch, too! Sure do love those kids. And pretty sure I should win best babysitter of the year!Happy Saturday night :)


Kristina said...

Oh, my, GOSH!! Looks like my kind of biking. I wouldn't mind doing it, but at a MUCH slower pace. Only in Latin America....

katie said...

obsessing over bubber's face in the second one. he looks giddy. claire is transfixed.... oh man. that girl.