Thursday, March 10, 2011

Going UP!

I've learned that Claire has good taste in movies. Her all time fave is UP. (That is, unless Katie has "hidden" the DVD, and in that situation, Peter Pan or Cars becomes good enough to watch.) Love Pixar, love UP. My favorite part is when all the balloons float up out of the chimney and the house floats away! I've always wondered what it would take to make that happen.

Enter National Geographic's How Hard Can It Be?

This stuff is for real. The show debuts this fall and I can't wait!

I still have questions, like how did they get it to land? and how did they choose who got to go up? and how long did it take to fill up all those balloons? I guess I have to wait.



Joseph and Katie said...

this looks

and the guy talking reminds me of marshall. like marshall all grown up and doing this for his job.

Lynley Jill said...

I posted that picture on my blog the other day too! I love it!! Today I posted a page that has some LinnieBell paper on it. Love your cute paper!!

ctsal said...

Hi there,

Love your blog.
Hope you don't mind if I'm to follow your blog from a tiny and far away land.