Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life Lessons

(picture from 2005ish)

Meet Erin. Erin Carter (not to be confused with Aaron Carter, teen pop star). Erin and I met in our sophomore ward at BYU Idaho back in 2003. We pretty much did everything together--this pic is from when we worked for BYUI Event Staff and I think we were working on our "soccer pose."

Anyway, back to the point. I was just digging through my hard drive from school and found a file named "Life Lessons for Spencer" from November 2006 and had to open it. Just a few gems from the document:

Life Lessons, As Prepared by Autumn Winds Apartment #308

Lesson #5: Never swear girls off and say they are dumb.

Lesson #6: Ask out lots of different girls, but ask out girls that could potentially be compatible. Be sure to taste all the flavors of ice cream.

Lesson #7: Never call a girl "home-ly" and A) make sure that she dresses cute, but not too high maintenance and B) date girls who look cute in ALL situations.

Lesson #9: Ask out girls who have goals and aspirations, and who are motivated by things she is passionate about. Make sure she is confident in her potential.

Lesson #11: Don't ask out needy girls. It is good to have down time by yourself.

Lesson #12. Don't date girls that are dumb as dirt. 

Lesson #19: Date girls who have motherly qualities ie. cooking, cleaning, compassionate, first aid skills, etc.

Lesson #21: Never date drama queens.

Pretty profound life lessons, huh? Lesson #12 might be my fave. Oh, and the motherly qualities part. Erin and Spencer ended up getting married that next year. I like to think that Spencer did pretty well at following the outlined lessons :) Good times, sweet memories!

Lots going on these days...headed to Houston next week to spend some time at home. Lots to do between now and then! And our Cards just made it to the World Series! What-what! 


Spencer and Erin said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! I love it!!! Haha..I laughed so hard about this!!! I totally remember that!! thank goodness Spence read our rules and picked the opposite!! Haha..Still not domesticated! I love this!! I miss you and want you to move here!! Asap!! Have so much fun in Houston!! love ya!

Granitesonline said...
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