Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Take 3

Missy Loo-hoo is almost three! Yikes. I decided at lunch today that it would be a good day to take Claire up the canyon for birthday pics. It's crazy how many pictures are almost identical to the ones we took last year. Only a handful of slightly-blurry-this-will-have-to-do pictures and the rest are all of her throwing rocks in the ocean river.* The leaves were a little past their prime, but we still enjoyed jumping in and throwing all the brown leaves.

Claire insisted on a pink cupcake after pictures, but when we got to the Sweet Tooth Fairy, she became set on the blue funfetti cupcake. Go figure. It's all about the frosting with this girl. Claire was done with pictures and put her hand up and said, "ok Lindsay, no more pictures please!" I had to stop because she said please.

Love this kid.

*Claire is convinced that any body of moving water is the ocean.

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