Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I want.

I want a house of my own. Perhaps this one??

I'm thinking I'll start posting things on this little blog of mine things I want in my (someday in the distant future) house home.

This house was featured on mint much charm! So much character! Love it all. A lot of work? Of course. That's how I like 'em!

Aren't those windows a-maz-ing?! So in love.

And don't forget the stairs. My favorite thing in the whole house.

Someday. Someday.

Photos via Mint.


Luke and Marissa said...

LOVE IT! I can't decide if I want a house like this in the future, or if I want something rustic. Maybe a combo of charm and rusticness. Dude, we need to talk.

C World said...

love your inspiration blog too! miss you!