Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I haven't been able to stop thinking about this home I'll someday have...sigh.

{Side Note: I've secretly been logging ideas away already over on my inspiration blog. I guess it's not so secret, but I just don't talk about it too often. Why? Because I don't want to feel this weird pressure to update it on some sort of consistent basis. (Ever feel like you're required to blog? I do. And I hate feeling pressure to do that extra little thing everyday. Like brushing my teeth, making my bed, you know what I mean, right?) Anyways...that little blog has a lot of fun things I've collected from lots of different places. Everything's categorized, so when I want to be inspired by jewelry, home interiors, party ideas, photography, design, etc, I can just click over to that blog. I'm kind of secretly in LOVE with that little blog of mine...anyways...}

Stairs. Love, love, love me some unique stairs. Just a few to be inspired by:

Those numbers...I'm kind of digging them. They seem like something you could change if you got tired of seeing them. I think I'd end up counting each step in my head as I went up and down them!

I love all the dishes that lead you up the stairs! Love.

(all pics can be referenced by clicking here and you'll be directed to the source.)


Joseph and Katie said...

i really love the numbers on the stairs... but wood stairs are so noisy! ahhh glad i'm not deciding these things now.

Anonymous said...

Really like those first set of stairs. Rustic and looks like recycled wood.