Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Morning

Spent the morning over at the Brewer packed up and headed back to St. Louis after being here for 3 weeks. Sad morning. (But we'll all be home in a few weeks for mom's birthday!)

Caleb is excited to watch his first BYU Cougar football game--he even dressed up for the occasion!

He's such a cutie-patootie! Claire is still working on loving her little brother, but I have a feeling these two are going to be the best of friends!

Grammie realized a couple days ago that she still didn't have any pics of her and Caleb, so we had to fix that!

This is what we look like on Saturday mornings, sans makeup and crazy hair...yikes. (But I secretly love this pic.) (We somehow end up taking pics like this kind of this one.)

As mom was getting all packed up and ready to head to the airport, Claire decided to be a little sneaky and try hitching a ride to the airport...

Claire's plan didn't work, and she was quite upset when we pulled her off the car! She threw a little (ok...bigger than little...) tantrum when she realized that grammie was gone. She kept looking in the garage wondering if she was going to come back. It's a good thing we're going to visit soon!

( favorite part of the pic above is that you can see Claire's little belly button in the reflection! haha)

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Jill said...

like father, like daughter. joseph hitched a ride on the back of my mom's station wagon once when he was five. in traffic. it about gave her a heart attack.