Monday, September 20, 2010

Flower: Fail

Funny story. I went by (unnamed) store to pick up some flowers for a friend's birthday this afternoon. I bought a dozen roses, got them home and unwrapped and ready to go in a vase. I picked the first rose up, and the whole flower part falls to the ground. (I have the stem in my hand still.) I get slightly frustrated. (Insert: roommate Brittany is in the living room wondering what I'm grumbling about in the kitchen.) Pick up 2nd flower, and it's fine, so I put it in the vase. The next three roses that I pick up all fall to the was as if the florist had cut the heads of the flowers off and shoved them back in with the rest of the bouquet, hoping no one would notice! not cool. But then I counted the number of roses...there weren't even a dozen roses! There were only 11! This leads me to believe that there were probably originally five broken flowers in the bouquet, but one escaped. Not only was I gypped by getting flowers that were, you could say, "pre-cut," but there weren't even 12! Oh well :) I should've gotten a pic of the chopped flowers! Dangit.

Short work week this week! Woo-hoo! Headed home on Wednesday morning for a little birthday celebration for mom! #50! I won't be flying solo...I'll have Claire with me! I've flown with just her before, but she wasn't so squirmy, so I'm kind of anxious about this flight and hoping it won't be a packed plane!

Oh, and speaking of work...

This morning at our weekly meeting, we played our traditional get-to-know you game, as we had a new designer recently start on the team. Everyone goes around the table and puts a "get-to-know-you" type question on the board. One of the questions was something like, "If you weren't working here, what would you be doing instead?" (Something not art-related.) I said I'd want to be one of those undercover/secret shoppers that goes to stores and rates stores on their performance. Doesn't that sound fun? I thought so.

Happy Monday :)


Southern Belle said...

Oh my gosh please tell me you took the flowers back to the store for your money back! That is a funny story though. I just flew with Cheyenne who is just slightly younger than Claire... I tried to bring a portable dvd player, but she is not really into watching movies yet, so that didn't really help. The things that did entertain her were: coloring, stickers (these held her attention the longest), a flashlight, play-doh, a couple small books, and lots of snacks!! Oh and a couple of times there were people sitting next to me with iphones, they had toddler applications on them, and they totally entertained her with that for like at least an hour... so if you have an iphone, you should be set! Good luck! Happy Birthday to your mom!

Luke and Marissa said...

Yeah, then you could do a write up on what a crap hole of a store that was you bought those roses from. :) Please tell me you got your money back.

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