Sunday, December 9, 2007

Go See This Movie!!

What a crazy busy weekend, but tons of fun! On Friday night, I went with my friend, Heather, to see THIS have GOT to go see it! I was totally hesitant about seeing it after seeing a commercial for it and thought, "Can't Disney come up with new characters instead of recycling old ones?!" Heather and I were laughing the whole time and so was everyone else in the theater! Enchanted was soo worth the $8.50 to see it ( was a bit much...I have a hard time paying that much for movies these days!)...and I came home and downloaded a few of the songs from iTunes from the soundtrack! For those who have already seen the movie will remember this dialog between Princess Giselle and 6 year old Morgan (everyone was laughing!):

Morgan: Remember not to put on too much makeup or the boys may get the wrong idea. They are only after one thing.
Giselle: What's that?
Morgan: I don't know. They won't tell me.

Go see it!! :)