Sunday, December 9, 2007

Park City with the Best Friend!!!

Erin and Spencer came down from Rexy for the weekend!! It was soo fun seeing her and Spency-baby! (Sorry Erin...I hope I have permission to call him that!) We braved the storm this weekend and went up to the outlets in Park City and got some Christmas shopping in and enjoyed a little Panda Express for lunch! Erin and I now officially have matching Fossil wallets...I bought mine a while back and talked her into getting the same one! I can't wait to see Erin month I'm going to Rexburg for the temple open house! It's such a beautiful temple and it's been fun to watch it be built from the start! I can't wait!!


Spencer and Erin said...

Um pretty sure i LOVED our park city trip as well as the fact that the fossil man called us Twinners....which we definitely are...but what boy says twinner?? i can't wait to see you again soon!!!!! and um it snowed like 5 feet here...overnight..i can't find my car in the parking lot..

Joseph and Katie said...

i know i know... sorry its been a little hectic lately. we are moving in next week, you can come help if you want! :) we are trying to figure out if we want to ask someone to take us to the airport next saturday too. are we on the same flight?

Joseph and Katie said...
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