Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fact: Taxi Drivers in Anaheim are kinda weird.

We caught a taxi for our dinner appointment last night and had quite a fact-filled drive! He was kind of a weird old man who apparently has 1500 acres in Tahoe and will be retiring this year. (Where'd the money come from for that??!) He gave us the inside scoop on the best and worst conventions:

• Best Looking People: Natural Products Convention (all very health conscience people)
• Ugliest Dressers: Nurses Convention (they're all in scrubs)
• Most Uptight: Helicopter Convention (they're there to spend millions)
• Snootiest People: Doctors Convention (they don't make small talk)
• Most Alcohol Consumed/Funnest People: NAM (National Association of Music) (they let loose and can have a fun time)

He wasn't too familiar with CHA attendees, so he couldn't really fit us into a category. We told him that we were from Utah and he immediately told us that he'd never go back there again. Apparently he used to live in Salt Lake and was fired from his job because he wasn't LDS...whatev. I have a hard time believing that.

We're at LAX waiting for our flight. Be home at midnight tonight. Can't believe the show is already over! I'm ready for my own bed.


ashley.warner said...

your blog is DARLING!
I thought I was doing good at blogging - I need help! ha hope you guys made it home safe!!

Amanda said...

Hope you made it back safe! Can't wait to hear all about all the new stuff! BTW Seth's father in law is a cabbie in Burbank! What a crazy job! He's seen a lot of weird stuff! Anyways! Hope to see you soon!

Porter Family said...

Reminds me of the budweiser commercial about "Mr. Taxicab over-accessorizer guy." Funny little ditty if you haven't heard it. Welcome back to Utah.