Sunday, January 25, 2009

gathering life's memories moments

Booth setup day at CHA! 12 hours later and we finally left the convention center...what a day! Brenda was convinced that we'd be done with setup by 2 at the very latest, but sure enough we were there til about 7:30. I thought that things were going well, until I started putting up the vinyl that has our Pebbles 'bi-line,' which is supposed to read, "gathering life's moments" but I must've ordered, "gathering life's memories." Oops. Moments, memories...same thing, right?

I am so excited about our booth and this product release! More pictures to come.

And ps...I'm not crying! I was laughing because we just recently changed our bi-line and I could not remember it to save my life. I thought that for sure I had it right on everything, but apparently I had missed one!


Anonymous said...
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Jeff and Stacey said...

That picture is really cute:)

The Real Sugarbear said...

Seems like you had a senior memory. I mean, senior moment, sorry! Now you know how the old folks feel all the time, huh?

Porter Family said...

Could have been worse. It probably happened because you were so excited about Paris' new craft line. Right?