Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jack vs. James

Jack Bauer vs. James Bond. Who is superior? I got a text from mom the other night that read " we have a little discussion going is not about Batman or is about James Bond or Jack Bauer...James or Jack...Jack or James...that is the question!" I'm sure the "discussion" she was talking about was probably a lively one between Mom and Dad with Sarah putting her 2¢ in every once in a while (Mom siding with Jack and Dad holding strong to his buddy, James)! I wish I could've been there for the discussion, and since I wasn't, here's my 2¢:
(Click on the chart to enlarge.) Sorry, Dad, but Jack totally wins this one. This was just a quick little list that I put together, and I could have continued, but I held back. I didn't even bring up the girl situation with James...he's all over the place on that one! If James and Jack had to duke it out, Jack would win, hands down!

**I just found an excellent article that is worth taking a few minutes to read. Click HERE.


Joseph and Katie said...

jack. wins. the end.

Josh said...

I AGREE...Jack all the way baby!!! But, I must admit I am a huge 24 fan. I have never been interested in James Bond. Mainly because I am related to a James Bond, way down the line, and he was a horse theft..sad huh.

Miss you!

Josh said...

FYI: the above message was from GNICKIE

Mom and Sarah said...

You're brilliant Linz! I couldn't have said it better myself! You're very convincing and I loved the aritcle. It will be interesting to see what daddy-o says! Someone - I don't know who - deleted the episode from November and I didn't watch it very well at Katie's. What can I do? Ah well...I'll figure it out. Hugs, Mom

The Real Sugarbear said...

Please see my blog for a studied response.