Tuesday, January 6, 2009

On My Wish List:

One of THESE sweet snowball makers! You can make a snowball-a-second with one of these things...amazing, huh??!! We have sooo much snow right now and it seems that there's no end in sight! It also would have been nice to have one about 30 minutes ago when I might have started a little snowball fight...which turned into a big snowball fight. Oops! The snow is so perfect for snowballs right now...how could I resist??

I'm loving the snow and try to spend as much time outside in it as possible. I was over at Katie and Joe's place tonight for a little while and had the desire to go out and shovel their driveway...I thought it'd take maybe 5 or 10 minutes, but I think I was out there for at least a half hour trying to clear as much snow as possible! I'm thinking that I could make some good money clearing people's driveways in the mornings, but based on Katie and Joe's driveway, Joe will probably suggest that I stay away from that! :)

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Rach and Chad said...

that reminds me of buddy the elf!