Friday, January 30, 2009

Down time after CHA is a good thing

It's been a such a good couple of days! It's been nice to be back and to have some down time after the show. I'm getting my fill of Claire and loving every minute of it! This afternoon Katie, Claire and I headed over to DI to find some frames for a little project for Katie's house. While there, we found this sweet pair of little cowboy boots that were too cute to pass up! Katie also found the coolest little school desk that was a total steal at $12!!! I can't wait til Claire's big enough to use it!
My friend that I made in the hallway as we were waiting for Paris Hilton to arrive at CHA emailed me his pics of Paris this morning! Two reasons why I love these pictures:
1 • See that guy in the left picture? He was my CHA crush. (See Situation # Dos.) I'm keeping my fingers he doesn't see this post.
2 • I love that my hallway friend followed through and emailed the pictures! I was kind of nervous he'd forget, but it just goes to show that there are nice people out there! This makes me happy.
(Photos courtesy of Bruce Korr)

In political news, Blago is out! What kind of a crazy person defends himself during his own impeachment trial? I'm so not politically savvy, but know enough that you don't pull a crazy move like that and expect it to go over very well. I would put a pic of Blago up, but he's kind of creepy lookin, and we just don't need any of that around here.


Birrell Family said...

I am glad you are taking advantage of the time off. Aren't thrift stores a thrill? Thanks for everything you did to make the show wonderful :)

paul & ashlee said...

i am so glad that guy emailed this picture to is a great picture!

Leslie Ann said...

That desk is SOOO cute! I love love love it!

CARbomb said...

I thought you were going to say you had a crush on paris' bodyguard....